I write mostly prose fantasy ranging in length from flash fiction and to novels. Here is my work, listed below in order of publication.

What Happened to the Queen of the World? And Other Short Stories

“The queen of the world lives in apartment 2B, and it doesn’t belong to one of those nifty apartment communities with a park and a pool. She drinks her coffee dark as mysteries and prefers her chocolate the same way. The queen takes the bus downtown every morning to rule the world from what used to be a shabby insurance office, and what is currently a shabby world dominance office.”

“Mia lost her heart, so I told her she could have mine. It wasn’t doing me any good, loving her.

She said, “Really, Sophie?”

And I said “Yeah, baby.”

I thought I’d be glad to see it gone.

Mia reached straight into my chest without making any more fuss about it all, seized my heart in a firm grip, and yanked it right out of my chest. I pulled the flaps back together and started sewing myself up while she placed it carefully inside of her. She kissed me on the lips while I was bleeding all over my white carpet, and helped me down onto my white leather couch. That was the last I saw of her for a week or two (twelve days exactly, not that I was keeping track, I just remembered because it was a Tuesday that this happened on).”

A collection of fantasy flash and short fiction, What Happened to the Queen of the World? is roughly 8000 words long and contains six stories, described below.

What Happened to the Queen of the World? (1100 words)
Nothing good happens to her during the apocalypse her husband created. This story can be read for free, here, or with the Look! Inside feature.

The Depository of Stuff (1100 words)
A spider is the companion to a mangled sorceror.

The Dreams of the Dragon Girls (1100 words)
It’s easier to be a girl when you have friends and the strength of the Cretaceous.

The Werewolf Queen (1200 words)
She’s a werewolf for the night, and she’s coming for the throne. A prose-poetry hybrid piece.

Unlikely Superheroes (1100 words)
Her life is all about water, but she bursts into flame instead.

Mia Lost Her Heart (2800 words)
A witch’s heart is removed by her girlfriend, and she wants it back.

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The Seven Lies of Sea Turtles and Mermaids

“A trio of bare-breasted mermaids swam through their concrete channel from the churning ocean nearby. One pulled herself up onto her elbows and smiled a shark-toothed smile at me, distorting the scar along her jaw. She had pulled a scarlet mandevilla from the path and tangled it into her long black hair like a drop of blood. She blinked sweetly at me, tilting her head.”

Emily is a student at a magical university. She dreams of studying mermaids, sea dragons, and krakens. The only problem? She has no magic herself, which seriously limits her research options.

Emily finds herself working with sea turtles, but the mermaids in the next enclosure captivate her. A vicious, single-gender race of unrepentant liars, she may need their help to discover the secrets her turtles are hiding. And that’s not just an excuse for her advisor.

There may be more to these creatures, and Emily herself, than meets the eye.

The Seven Lies of Sea Turtles and Mermaids is a 5,300 word short story (about 20 pages).

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Silver Petals, Cracked Mirror

“White roses perfumed the walkways, and the trickle of water made the air musical. During the night cycle, petals, perlite, and chrome reflected the eerie violet light nurturing the roses. I uploaded my consciousness to my suit of armor and walked the halls, manually adjusting nutrient levels, plucking yellowed leaves, and cleaning filters.”

Every night cycle, an AI takes physical form as an android and walks the rose-strewn pathways of the space-travelling garden known as Tranquility.

Controlled by a queen who is obsessed with power and beauty, the AI is ordered to kill the space station’s heir. The trouble is, they have fallen in love with the heir.

Now, they have to find their own will, and circumvent that of a deadly queen, in the darkest depths of space.

Silver Petals, Cracked Mirror is a 6,000 word short story (about 25 pages). It is a queer, science-fiction retelling of the Snow White fairytale.

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A military SF poem about saphhic cyborgs, published in Strange Horizons.

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